Ketamine can offer unparalleled relief for CRPS

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Welcome to the CRPS Ketamine Center

CRPS Treatment

The CRPS Ketamine Center offers specialized treatment using intravenous ketamine for patients with Complex regional pain syndrome (CRPS). The Center was founded by Dr. Charles Chaney with the aim of providing rapid and effective treatment for CRPS. Patients are seen for an initial evaluation, and ketamine infusions are performed in the safe and controlled setting of a hospital at College Hospital in Costa Mesa.

Our Mission

The CRPS Ketamine Center is dedicated to eradicating the pain caused by CRPS, and improving the lives of those suffering from this condition. We hope to allow each patient the ability to find joy and live life to the fullest again. We aim to achieve this using safe protocols in the hands of professional doctors, nurses, and pharmacy staff.

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Placebo-controlled studies have shown both topical and intravenous administration of ketamine to be effective at alleviating pain and inducing complete remission in treatment resistant patients, thereby highlighting the potential of this approach (1-4). At this time, the Center does not provide intranasal ketamine or oral ketamine because these routes have not been shown to be as effective as IV for alleviating CRPS pain. The vast majority of research has looked at intravenous ketamine in the treatment of CRPS pain.

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